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You want to publish a guest post on goodhairdvd.com? Only here with it!

Submission of guest contributions

You can send me your guest post by email (goodhairdvd@gmail.com). In addition to the guest contribution and at least one picture, this mail must also contain the surname, address and telephone number of the sender. The address and telephone number will not be published (unless expressly desired) or passed on and, of course, treated confidentially. After successful examination, I will then publish the article under the author name “guest author” in the appropriate category.

Contents of guest contributions

In terms of content, guest contributions should roughly match the themes on Goodhairdvd.com (business, technology, marketing, destinations, etc.) You can also present your own projects, clubs, bands, artist groups or other within your articles. In addition, you may like to put two links on your own blogs or websites within such an article. However, guest contributions must be in a clearly recognizable context. It must not be promotional products.

Of course, within the actual guest contribution, you have the opportunity to introduce yourself in more detail, if you wish.

  • Your guest contribution should be sent in MS-word or HTML format in a .txt file.
  • Before you start writing, send me Topic suggestions by e-mail to (goodhairdvd@gmail.com)

For submitted guest contributions the following conditions apply:

  1. Each article must contain at least one picture taken by the sender himself (format at least 600 x 400 px).
  2. Your Article length Between 1000+ words, please
  3. Please add Meta Data like title, Description, Keyword and tag in the end of post.
  4. You must own the publishing rights to submitted texts and images.
  5. You declare by sending the article that he does not violate applicable law.
  6. By submitting the article as well as the picture or the pictures, you declare your agreement that any legal consequences arising from the content provided will be accepted by the sender.
  7. Each e-mail with a submitted guest contribution must include first name, surname, address and telephone number (address and telephone number will not be published unless explicitly requested).
  8. You transfer the exclusive publication and usage rights to the submitted articles and pictures.
  9. You declare that submitted articles have not been published elsewhere (print or online) and will not be published in the future.
  10. You agree that advertisements may be posted on the website of the published submitted article.
  11. You agree that the operators of (your website) may make changes, additions or reductions in the submitted text and images at any time.
  12. Write a few sentences (100 words or less) to you at the end of the post, including a link to your blog / website
  13. You agree that submitted guest contributions may also be published on other platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, RSS directories, etc.
  14. If the post goes online, you also promote it via your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter etc.) and / or newsletters.
  15. You should also check back over the first few days and answer any comments.

Please note further

It may take up to 6 days until I have reviewed guest entry submitted. Please do not remember your submitted guest contribution within this period.

Please send me your guest article in a MS-word or.txt file in HTML format.

I’m looking forward to your guest post!